Jimmy John’s employees to vote on unionization


The National Labor Relations Board will be conducting a union election Oct. 22 for the employees of a Minneapolis Jimmy John’s franchise, where roughly 200 employees will vote. If the majority vote in favor of unionization, the NLRB will require the franchise owners to bargain with the union over better work conditions and other demands. 

Since early September the union has been fighting for better work conditions, but the owners have refused to recognize the group as a representative voice for its employees.

The demands of the Jimmy John’s Workers Union include a pay raise, consistent scheduling, sick days, “no-nonsense” workers’ compensation for job-related injuries and “basic fairness on the job,” according to the union.

In addition to the election, the NLRB will be investigating the franchise for 14 alleged violations of the National Labor Relations Act, said Industrial Workers of the World representative Erik Davis. Jimmy John’s Workers Union is a part of the collective IWW union.

Members of the Jimmy John’s union said managers have used union-busting tactics such has distributing threatening letters, calling employees into irregular one-on-one meetings and making concessions to individual workers regarding wages and scheduling.

If found guilty the franchise could be fined, forced to rehire fired employees or required to follow specific rulings on what managers can and cannot do in the future, Davis said.

If the franchise refuses to negotiate even after the election with the NLRB, the group will continue their organization tactics, Davis said.