‘Jim the Election Guy’ is Maryland actor Beau Peregino


MinnPost’s Derek Wallbank dug in and found the answer to many people’s question: Who is “Jim the Election Guy” in Rep. Michele Bachmann’s campaign ads? He’s not “Jim” at all, but Beau Peregino, a Maryland actor currently living in California. Besides starring in a campaign ad for the most expensive U.S. House race in the country, he is best known for his appearance in one episode of the short lived Discovery Channel program “A Haunting” and as “Detective #1″ in an episode of National Geographic Channel’s “Interpol Investigates.”

Bachmann’s “Jim the Election Guy” creation has been attacked by DFL opponent Tarryl Clark, whose latest ad features “Jim the Actual Voter” – Sixth Congressional District residents actually named Jim. Clark’s campaign has challenged Bachmann’s use of an actor not from Minnesota (her campaign didn’t respond to the Minnesota Independent’s request weeks ago for the actor’s identity). Each of Bachmann’s three ads featuring Jim the Election Guy have attacked Clark on the issue of taxes.

Bachmann’s campaign defended the use of Peregino.

“The point of the ad is not who he is,” Sergio Gor, Bachmann’s campaign spokesman, told MinnPost. “It’s that Tarryl Clark is in favor of raising taxes on everything.”