Jesse Ventura


Jesse Ventura would run for dog-catcher if he thought it’d heighten his profile. He showed with his tenure as MN Governor that he hasn’t the first notion how to serve the public: Ventura railed on the left about legalizing marijuana and railed on the right, kicking unwed mothers to the curb. And pitched a perrenial bitch against the same so-called jackal media he’s now courting.

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Ventura was a folk hero in the rasslin’ ring, prostituted that into a tenure as Minnesota governor and now seeks to further pimp his profile, milking persona for all it’s worth to garner one more hurrah!

Anyone dumb enough to vote for this posturng egomaniac will be waiting at the airport when their ship comes in. Vote left, vote right. But, if you know your elbow from a hot rock, ignore Jesse Ventura, who’s only interested in generating book sales and royalties off his DVD’s.

How many times do you need to catch it up the asterisk?