It’s Fringe Time Again!


Hello Fringe goers!

It’s Fringe time again and I am excited about this year shows. Unfortunately due to my work schedule I may miss some shows during the week. So, my mother is happily going to be my guest blogger this year to make up for the shows that I miss. I hope to see at least 10 shows. So, if you want your show to be reviewed please feel free to sent me a press release on your show and I will gladly try to see it if my schedule permits.

This week I couldn’t see the Word Ninjas Showcase, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to introduce my mother as the guest blogger. Here are her thoughts on the showcase:

As I gear up for what is my tenth year attending the Fringe Festival (11th if you count my 1988 visit to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival), I attended the previews at the Word Ninjas Showcase at Kieran’s Pub on Wednesday, July 25th.   Many of the Fringe goers I know, including some who buy the All You Can Fringe pass, use the viewer rating system religiously to pick their viewing choices.  My advice is that it’s fine to use this to select a few of your shows, but don’t let other peoples’ opinion determine your entire selection.  When I went to Edinburgh Fringe Festival , I knew nothing about fringing.  My husband and I just walked down the street and randomly selected shows to sit through.  Some were good, some weren’t so good, but today I still remember all of them and to me it was part of the total Fringe experience.

It is with this philosophy that I attended the previews.  The previews were dominated by strong performers, most of them women.  In fact, I can only recall one male performer at the previews.  Two of the shows at the preview are from veteran fringe producers whose shows I have seen repeatedly in the past and their previews did not disappoint.  The first was Top Hat Theatre’s production of Salem, an original musical based on the witchcraft trials and persecutions in colonial America.  The preview consisted of an outstanding musical performance by Mary Palazzolo-Rudquist.  It was consistent with the trademarks of Top Hat productions, great musical talent and outstanding costumes.   The other was Callahan and Lingo, which “is about two writers,” but only Allegra Lingo appeared at the preview providing a witty discourse on her MFA studies and Virginia Woolf. 

I was not familiar with many of the other preview performers, but the following three previews definitely caught my attention:

  1. Bohemian Rhapsody:  De-Taming of the Shrew by Shift Happens Productions.   I still don’t know what the show is about, but the four performers at the preview were having great fun and were fascinating to watch.  This show made my “hope to attend” show list.
  2. On the Differences Between Two Ladies and the Resolution Thereof by Fell Down the Stairs Productions.  The premise involves two women of nobility who are engaged in the first emancipated duel between women.  The few minutes I saw showed an extremely witty production. This show also made my “hope to attend” list.
  3. The Urban Hermit by BardLive Productions.  The following written post card description for this show did not thrill me.  It stated:  “After recovering from addiction, what next? This self-proclaimed urban hermit is pulled out of her shell by way of street busking-fiddle, mandolin, washtub bass-and discovers the music that brings us together.”  But when writer/performer Rachel Nelson took the stage, she put on a such a heartfelt performance in song and word that I have her show on my “must see” list.

There is only one preview left, the Out-of-Towner’s preview next week.  My goal this year is to take in 10 shows, so in addition to the ones mentioned above, I will probably take in a few more of the veteran performers  but I  also plan to fall back on my “ just picking a show and letting myself be surprised” philosophy