It’s official


Well, it’s official.  Something I Said (Papyrus Publishing, Inc.) is a success. Anyone doesn’t have a copy ain’t likely to get one. After the reading/signing in St. Paul at Golden Thymes Coffee & Café (thank you Stephanie and Michael Wright, owner-proprietors), Anura and Rekhet Si-Asar at Papyrus have a small pile of books left. And word on Something I Said is going out over Kinshasha Kambui’s “Health Notes from the Heart of a Natural Woman” (KFAI), Lissa Jones’ “Urban Agenda” (KMOJ) and Flava News Radio ( Long as I’m dropping names, Mahmoud El-Kati, who wrote the foreword, spoke at the reading. My old running buddy and guitarist Mark Dorshak showed up, too.  So did Steve Kaplan, my former editor at MN Law & Politics.  It was a nice time in a classy place.

So.  These days, it’s about the writing.  Just picked up an assignment at Super Lawyers Magazine.  This after finishing Robinson, a short stage play, commissioned by MN African American Museum & Cultural Center.  Now with the book making a little noise, it doesn’t make sense to not switch gears.  Hell, it isn’t like I was exactly burning up the Twin Cities music scene, anyway.  Besides, last time at Corner Coffee, finally walked away with something worth calling a live EP.  Maybe, somewhere around the end of summer, talking to Barry Knoedl about releasing it on Beat Bad Records.  Meanwhile, it’s articles, articles, articles.  For MN Spokesman-Recorder, Twin Cities Daily Planet and any place else where the check don’t bounce.

That’s about it.  Talk to y’ later.