Instant runoff eating and drinking in St. Paul


While Minneapolis is getting ready for the big change to Instant Runoff Voting, also known as Ranked Choice Voting, across the river in Saint Paul voters still have time to decide whether they prefer the old or new voting style. Saint Paul residents will vote on November 3 on whether to adopt Instant Runoff Voting.

Proponents of the voting change argue the new system will decrease election costs and increase voter turnout. Unfortunately their will be no time to see how the system works in Minneapolis. Instead, some Saint Paul businesses are getting creative to show the effects one might experience with Instant Runoff Voting.

To help educate the public about IRV/RCV, some Saint Paul restaurants are hosting Instant Runoff Voting this fall. But don’t come prepared for a political debate, just a hungry stomach. Restaurants such as Muffeletta, Coffee News Café, and Vine Park Brewing Company are hosting votes for favorite entrée or drink, a la Instant Runoff Voting. Besides selling food and drinks, they hope to help patrons understand the change they would see if they choose to vote for the new system.

For more information on Instant Runoff Voting in Saint Paul eating and drinking establishments, visit, or, where you can find a full list of businesses participating in instant runoff voting demonstrations.