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Volunteers abound during holiday season, but not rest of year by Tom Moran, Minnesota Daily As Thanksgiving rolls around each year, charitable organizations across the Twin Cities see a surge in volunteerism from students and the public. Only some of us pay back to the community by Bashe Said, African News Journal From Congo to South Africa then to West Africa and now to Horn of Africa, Cilongo Foundation reaches out to the needy. Make a difference, one by one by Anne Hamre, Minnesota Women’s Press Project Starfish helps families buffeted by the tides NEW IN VOICES Bridge money in limbo with Republicans’ newfound principles on pork by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor The budget battle in Congress has left a major portion of the funding for rebuilding the Interstate 35W bridge in limbo. Two of Minnesota’s Republican Congress members, Reps. Michele Bachmann and John Kline, voted against the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development Appropriations bill containing the bridge funding, and President Bush has said he will veto it. While Bush and Kline argue that the bill was ‘fiscally irresponsible,’ ‘pork barrel’ and ‘excessive,’ a little background suggests that neither Bush nor Kline cared much about fiscal responsibility until Democrats came to power.