Inside the Daily Planet, 9/9/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | “This is their future” by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet • Solomon, age four, and little brother Isaac, age nine months, came to the Labor Day anti-war march with their parents, Mia Witheiser and Brian Fisher.

U renews Aramark, Coca-cola contracts by Ahnalese Rushmann, Minnesota Daily • Love them or loathe them, Aramark and Coca-Cola will be filling campus bellies for at least another decade.

How Minnesota corn farmers can replace 40% of our coal usage without using corn by Salman Mitha, Special to Minnesota 2020 • Minnesota has long been a leader in renewable energy.

Three churches, one location by staff, Asian American Press • Welcome to the church of the 21st century! Although the institutional Christian church has been divided into strictly separate denominational groups for centuries, there are some indications that change may be on the horizon!


Martín Espada coming to The Loft by Jay Gabler, Arts Orbit • Sandra Cisneros has called poet Martín Espada “the Pablo Neruda of North America.” He’ll be the Pablo Neruda of Washington Avenue on Saturday, when he comes to The Loft Literary Center for a 7 p.m. reading.

Gestapo Bob and the Police State of Saint Paul by Eric Pusey, September 7, 2008 on MN Blue, Cabbages and Kings • I am still appalled at everything I have heard over the course of this last week. St. Paul was turned into a police state for the Republican National Convention by Bob “Gestapo Bob” Fletcher, Ramsey County Sheriff.

U.S. Sustainable Agriculture Through Chinese Eyes by Jim Harkness, Think Forward • “You should tell more people around the world about America’s non-mainstream agriculture and food system. Then they won’t hate you so much!”