Inside the Daily Planet, 9/7/08


Readers, Writers and Books

Girls just wanna read by Allison Ehlert, Minnesota Women’s Press
For every first-time author who is published with ease, there are many more who share the experiences of first-time novelist Susan Runholt of St. Paul. Runholt faced much resistance through the many years she tried get her young-adult novel, “The Mystery of the Third Lucretia,” published. The book, set in the Twin Cities and London, Paris and Amsterdam, is the first in a series of books featuring two female teenage sleuths.

150 best Minnesota books #14, #15, and #16: Histories by women by Patrick Coleman, Minnesota Historical Society
The giants of Minnesota history were all women.

Bethel author goes back in time with book on Mennonites by Jeanette Fordyce, TC Daily Planet
“How is this car-rejecting people not only able to survive but also thrive in our post-modern world?” asked James Hurd, an anthropologist who has taught at Bethel University for the past 26 years. He has co-authored the book Horse-and-Buggy Mennonites after a ten-year period of interviews; eight Wenger readers assisted him with reviews. “They fear,” writes Hurd, “that if they imbibe modern values they will lose the soul of their communities.”


RNC Police: Looking Backwards by Grace Kelly on MN Blue, Cabbages and Kings
I am an equal opportunity critic, More thought and reflection will be needed, however here is the first pass at looking at the police effort before looking at other efforts.

Notes on the 2008 election by Steve Young, The Fifth Column
John McCain
John McCain is no Baby Boomer. His candidacy for President is a culmination of a kind of pilgrimage – an old fashioned Protestant pilgrimage as told in John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress.

A strong showing for dissent and democracy by Joe Nathan, School Talk
What a terrific week for all who treasure democracy! Having spent time marching (peacefully, non-violently) on the streets of St. Paul last week, as well as reading literally hundreds of emails and watching vastly different interpretations of events, I’m even more sold on America.