Inside the Daily Planet, 9/28/07


MEDIA Alternative media from and about BurmaTC Daily PlanetThe Burmese government has tried to shut down the internet. Some blogs have been blocked. A few still get through. From one of the remaining blogs: “Today morning 11:30 am in Burma time this is how they come out and try to kill people”A tribute to three guys you never heard ofby Eric Black, Minnesota MonitorThe 1957 integration crisis at Little Rock Central High School (the 50th anniversary of which is this week) contains within it a little-remembered tale of journalistic heroism.Expect ‘no sharp elbows’ at strib editorial page after Albright’s ousterby Jim Boyd, Minnesota MonitorPaul Schmelzer: Before he accepted his position as Minnesota Monitor’s editorial mentor, Jim Boyd worked the majority of his 27 years at the Star Tribune on its editorial page, most recently as its deputy editor. With news on Wednesday that Susan Albright, the paper’s editorial page editor, will be leaving October 12, we asked Boyd to share his reflections on this major change at the ever-turbulent Minneapolis daily.NEW IN BLOGSRace, parenting and high schoolby Carla Bates, All Learning, All the Time