Inside the Daily Planet, 9/26/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Bikes on a bus!
by James Sanna, TC Daily Planet
You rode your bike to work and now it’s raining cats and dogs. How can you get home without getting soaked? Put your bike on the bus! Our new video shows you how.

Film note: First-time director Chokes
by Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet
It’s been nearly ten years since director David Fincher boldly brought cult writer Chuck Palahniuk’s Fight Club to the big screen. Fincher’s film will still be the Palahniuk film to top, which is bad news for Choke, the first directorial effort by character actor Clark Gregg. It doesn’t quite reach the level of Fight Club, but Palahniuk’s name will be enough to draw crowds.

Protesting the war(s): Lessons from 1972
by Lydia Howell, TC Daily Planet
As the U.S. occupation of Iraq grinds into its sixth year and activists address the militarized police response to protests at the Republican National Convention, a remarkable just-published historical document should be required reading. Ed Felien’s Take the Streets! was written in 1972, during and immediately after that year’s tidal wave of Minnesota protests of the Vietnam War.

VOICES | The 2008 SAGE nominations: Local dance awards more insider-y than ever
by Camille LeFevre,
When the list of nominees for the 2008 SAGE Awards for Dance entered my inbox, I immediately thought: hmm, let’s play connect the dots.

Food and Restaurants

Big E: The saga continues
by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The Rake
Eric Austin’s no angel, but he’s a hell of a chef.

True Thai expands to add more space and services
by Jen Ortendahl and Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
Since 2002, True Thai’s cuisine that has been acclaimed by critics and word of mouth, resulting in sometimes-long waits for lunch and dinner.


BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | Can you repeat the part of the stuff where you said all about the things?
by Jeff Fecke
You know, if I didn’t know better, I’d say the Bush administration might be attempting to mislead the country in order to ram something through Congress. Not that they’d ever do something like that, of course!

ARTS ORBIT | Weekend what’s what 9/25-9/28: Parting is such sweet sorrow
by l’etoile magazine staff
As quickly as they appeared, the sweet summer months seem to be bidding adieu before we had a chance to really get to know them. But don’t cry too hard, the icy months are still aways off, and the lovely autumn season will be sweeping in with all its gorgeously colored glory soon—and that means fabulous fall fashion! Wool, cashmere, suede and all those decadent textiles that go so well with a harvest moon will soon be moved to the front of your closet. This weekend, however, will probably be your last chance to rock those short shorts—so live it up!

by Matthew A. Everett
I was still closeted at the time, even to myself. Not that I was any good at denial, I just clung to it as a strategy because that’s what I’d always done. My devotion to Paul, and its reciprocation, was an acceptable outlet. Halfway through the visit, I was already feeling the tug of how it would feel when he’d leave to return to Germany again. My friend K Snodgrass wisely said, “You can miss him when he’s gone. Don’t miss him while he’s here.”

FROM THE SOAPBOX | The Republican monoculture
by Thomas Heuerman, PhD
A metaphorical monoculture in society or a political party is a group where everyone looks alike and sees, wears, does, reads, watches, and thinks the same thing.

ARTS ORBIT | Press release of the day: Robots fish for prostates
by Jay Gabler
This isn’t nominally an art-related event—but I have a sneaking suspicion it may be a piece of conceptual guerilla performance art.