Inside the Daily Planet, 9/26/07



“A kind of ‘relationship coffee’”:
by Anna Pratt, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Samuel Ngwa’s Minneapolis-based coffee company is tied to his African homeland

“Reps. Ellison, Conyers take single-payer health care to suburbia”:
by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor
Single-payer health care has the support of a majority of the populace, its supporters say.

“Pickets up at GM facility in Hudson, Wis.”:
By Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
About 90 members of the United Auto Workers are picketing the General Motors Parts Distribution Center in Hudson, Wis., as part of the nationwide strike against GM that began Monday morning.


“Tanzanians Trade Food for Financial Advice”:
by Swallehe Msuya , Mshale
The generosity of the Tanzanian people resident in Minnesota was manifest Saturday as they entertained their friends at “A Taste of Tanzania”, an event that had more food than the crowd could handle.

“Stereotypes of African-American women”:
by Mirael Goss, KFAI
Mirael Goss lives and goes to school in Minneapolis. She is entering the 10th grade at Washburn High School and was a 2007 Youth News Intern. As a young African-American woman, Mirael was troubled by stereotypes of African American women, and how they affected them in her community, which is the focus of her youth news report.

“Council doesn’t ban wild circus animals, but considers more regulations”:
by Kari VanDerVeen, Downtown Journal
The Minneapolis City Council narrowly rejected a proposed ban on wild circus animals, opting to instead consider a measure that would increase circus regulations and inspections.


“The Hmong, Thailand and Greed”:
by Chong Jones, Special to the TC Daily Planet
Thailand has held 149 Hmong people, including men, women, and ninety children in a two-room cell for the past nine months with no access to the outside. Their only access to drinking, cooking, and bathing water is a single stall toilet. Having done nothing wrong, the Hmong have been designated as political refugees, a status that has been certified by the United Nations.


“The most beautiful place I have ever seen”:
by Huruse Gurhan, New Minnesotans Speak