Inside the Daily Planet, 9/24/08


Theater note: Park Square’s painfully awkward Sisters by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet • “Don’t make me into a cliché,” Gorgeous Teitelbaum says in her first scene in The Sisters Rosensweig. “I’m much more than that.” Gorgeous may not just be talking to her sisters—she may be speaking to the playwright who wrote the line.

Franken criticizes Coleman for failing to investigate Iraq fraud by Paul Demko, Minnesota Independent • Al Franken sharply criticized Sen. Norm Coleman today for failing to hold any hearings on contractor fraud in Iraq during his time as chairman of the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations.

Students across Minnesota try to get voters by Josef Nelson, Minnesota Daily • Although the idea of a new U.S. president has interested a young demographic, getting those young people to actually go out and vote is still proving to be a challenge.


SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | Intimacy onstage is a slippery thing by Matthew A. Everett • “Gay men don’t worry about bumping pelvises. They’re not looking to avoid it. It’s kind of the point of most physical contact. You want to get closer to one another. It’s not a high school dance in the 1940s. You don’t have to leave enough room between the two of you for the Holy Ghost.”

KOLET INK | Fear of flying: Lucky—but not proud—to be an American by Colette Davidson • It ain’t easy being a world traveler these days. First came the “no liquids” rule, where expensive perfume and body lotion got dumped into the garbage by the gallons. Then, passports with magnetic strips became obligatory for all non-American travelers. And before we knew what had hit us, children were getting stopped at security for sharing their names with a terrorist, praying Imams were causing planes to ground, and if you just happened to be Asian, African or, god forbid, Middle Eastern, you could consider yourself effectively strip-searched.

ARTS ORBIT | Lilting Aria heard at the Varsity by Jay Gabler • The leaves may be falling, but in Minneapolis it’s springtime for heart-on-sleeve, hands-on-keys songsmith sirens. Tonight at the Varsity, Aria Souder celebrated the release of her new album.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | The September Chutzpah Awards by Myles Spicer • And the winners are…