Inside the Daily Planet, 9/23/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | City Hall forum on RNC
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
On Wednesday evening, September 24, St. Paul city council member Dave Thune hopes to bring together five groups of people to talk about what happened at the RNC. The forum will include discussion of police action, Thune says, but will go beyond that to discuss the impact of the RNC on business, residents, and observers, as well as demonstrators, peacekeepers and medics.

ALANA Summit
by Rachel Dykoski, TC Daily Planet
More than 150 people particiapated in the first ALANA Green Summit on September 15 at Concordia University in St. Paul. Speakers, community leaders, educators, policy and labor leaders met to explore how ALANA communities (African, Latino, Asian and Native Americans) can help build and join a burgeoning green economy.

U researchers hope to revitalize the honey bee
by Tiffany Smith, Minnesota Daily
Entomology Professor Marla Spivak is trying to change the 20-year decline in honey bee populations.

Second Annual Afrifest: Enlightenment, Diversity and Unity
by Swallehe Msuya , Mshale
Afrifest, the summer’s second Pan African festival in the twin cities, continued its second annual festival celebrating African arts and culture.


KOLET INK | Are you feeling good-on-paper?
by Colette Davidson
Thanks to Demi and Ashton, and Madonna and Guy, the world is just a little bit more ready to accept older woman/younger man scenarios. But we’ve got a long way to go before the stigma of the “other way around” situation flies smoothly with the masses.

SCHOOL TALK | Al Quie’s life of faith, service and civility
by Joe Nathan
In the late 1970s and early 1980s, Governor Al Quie and Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Roger Moe battled constantly. Last week, they hugged. Moe and Quie now regard each other as “one of my best friends.” This was one of many stories told as Quie’s new book, Riding into the Sunrise, was presented to the public on his 85th birthday.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | A meeting of the minds on school funding in North Branch
by Courtney Carpenter
In North Branch (pop. 10,000) many heated topics ard discussed. Meetings to talk about civic issues are almost always held at the American Legion or at someone’s home. At these meetings you can find people of all different types. There are young couples that have elementary aged children, older couples with children who have graduated from high school or college, and citizens that simply don’t want the taxes to go up to pay for schools because they have no children.

GOING GREEN | Do Not Enter: Are transportation policies going the wrong way?
by MN Center for Environmental Advocacy
A new transportation report suggests that the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Metropolitan Council are not adequately measuring the key indicators that would drive Minnesota to address the challenges of rising gas prices, an aging population and climate change.

SINGLE WHITE FRINGE GEEK | Killing off a character is tricky business
by Matthew A. Everett
In my writing, I’m not big on killing characters. Ghosts, literal and metaphorical, turn up a lot. I’m obsessed with mortality. But if a character is dies in one my plays, chances are when the curtain goes up they’re already dead.