Inside the Daily Planet, 9/22/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Voices from the streets during the RNC
by Kathlyn Stone, TC Daily Planet
The week of September 1-5 brought many passionate activists from near and far to St. Paul to speak about the policy issues they care deeply about. Here are some of their messages.

Ellison speaks on immigration police at Midtown
by Katie Mocol, TC Daily Planet
Amid the atmosphere of bustling market stalls and the scent of tamales and moo shu pork, 50 people, many of them first generation immigrants, listened to and participated in a forum on immigration on Saturday, September 13. Representative Keith Ellison gave his constituents a taste of his policy at his campaign-sponsored forum at Minneapolis’s Midtown Global Market.

Colombian ambassador to the United States visits Twin Cities
by Alberto Monserrate, La Prensa
Colombian Ambassador to the United States, Carolina Barco, met with local reporters and with leaders of the Minnesota Colombian community on September 3rd in Minneapolis restaurant Maria’s Café. Ambassador Barco was in the Twin Cities as a guest to the Republican National Convention in St Paul.


RANTS AND RUMINATIONS | Bailout: Contact your reps in Congress now
by Jim Fuller
There are at least three urgent reasons to contact your senators and representatives in Congress now. This week. No later than Wednesday.

THINK FORWARD | Agriculture in need of a little innovation?
by Mark Muller
Thanks to Business Week, I finally have a name to put on a topic that has been rattling around in my brain over the past several months – innovation economics. The September 11 issue of Business Week has a cover story called “Can America Invent Its Way Back.”

KOLET INK | Avoiding conversation, the Western way
by Colette Davidson
Ever been stuck on a plane next a Chatty Cathy who couldn’t be hushed, not even after blatantly stuffing your iPod headphones in your ears? Or how about that talker on the end of the phone line—otherwise known as your best friend—who won’t stop going on about her new boyfriend? Now there are a wealth of Web sites and products available not to help deal with uncomfortable conversations, but to avoid them altogether.