Inside the Daily Planet, 9/19/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Check out our calendar! by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet • We have a new community calendar, and it is ready for you to use.

Food and Restaurants

Sweet, hot, spicy, intense: don’t miss this food by Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, The Mix • You longtime readers know we like spicy food. We don’t need a bowl of habanero squeezins to make us pay attention, but we do like food hot enough to make us notice the endorphin rush. .

Happy Hour at the Sample Room by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake • Being that my dining out budget is somewhat less than it was when I was reviewing for the Star Tribune, I have gotten pickier about where I eat, and how much I spend. Seems like I am not the only one who feels that way – with the economy going south and food prices going up, restaurants have had to hustle to get customers to come through their doors. The happy hour special is the time-honored way to fill the seats, always with the hope that after a drink or two, you’ll decide to stick around for dinner and a few more drinks.

Views and Reviews

Interview: Bedlam Theatre’s Maren Ward discusses Because We Still Live Here by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet • Bedlam Theatre’s wizardry, blending avant-garde art with determined activism, is in effect once more—this time with the upcoming Because We Still Live Here, a mixed-medium evening about the aftermath of the Republican National Convention. Sarah Palin or no, it’s safe to say Bedlam will not be lauding the G.O.P. for including everybody—regardless of race, creed or gender—in the mythologically vaunted American Dream. It’s also a good guess Bedlam won’t by paying homage to how police forces protected and served the living hell out of the public.

Theater note: 17th-century witch hunts, eerily resonant today by Sheila Regan, TC Daily Planet • What a breath of fresh air! No, I’m not talking about Sarah Palin. I’m talking about Frank Theatre’s production of Vinegar Tom, which tackles Caryl Churchhill’s play about Europe’s 17th-century witch hunts with such gusto that by the end, you’ll be holding up your fist demanding justice.


ARTS ORBIT | Weekend what’s what 9/18-9/21: Fall Fashion Weekend spectacular! by l’etoile magazine staff • Hold on to your designer hats, kids, Fall Fashion Weekend is back and better than ever! It has been so thrilling to watch our local fashion scene thrive over the years, and we’re incredibly impressed by the creative output that seems to grow and expand with each passing day. This weekend shows off the Twin Cities’ best and brightest, and exudes a collaborative vibe that warms the cockles of our fashion-lovin’ hearts.

FACTS AND FICTIONS | Putting it in perspective: U of M hockey riots worse than RNC by Eleanor Arnason • “[U of M police chief] Hestness said the RNC protests were far tamer in his opinion than the protests following the 2003 Gopher hockey (victory) when “strictly alcohol-fueled” students took to the streets starting fires and causing damage all over the University.”

BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | McCain: Screw Spain! by Jeff Fecke • Okay, look, not everybody is going to know who the King of Spain* is, but if you’re a U.S. Presidential candidate who prides himself on your nigh-infinite knowledge of the world and your ability to lead from day one, and you’re doing an interview with Spanish media, you might want to know that first, Juan Carlos I is the King of Spain, but only has ceremonial powers, and second, that the actual governmental leader in Spain is José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, of the PSOE.

ARTS ORBIT | Twin Cities Black Film Festival opens today by Jay Gabler • The Twin Cities have no shortage of midsize film festivals, but this one distinguishes itself with its diverse lineup of films—from comedies to documentaries—and its welcome acknowledgement that there are things to do late at night in dimly-lit rooms besides watch movies.