Inside the Daily Planet, 9/17/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Voices from the protests by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet • Zoe and her mother came to the big protest march on Labor Day. Zoe is five years old. She said she likes demonstrations, and made the sign that is attached to her stroller. She explained that the sign shows “Obama sitting in a chair on TV — saying I want war to stop and make money for schools and buildings.”

Hip hop/spoken word rocks women’s music fest by Dwight Hobbes, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder • With the absence of the B-Girl Be Summit and an abbreviated installment of Yo! The Movement, this hasn’t been the best summer for forward-thinking hip hop devotees. Both annual events raised the bar: B-Girl Be Summit is about women seizing hop hip as a means of self-empowerment and, not coincidentally, an alternative to sexist exploitation. Yo! The Movement, helping youth utilize the genre as a self-affirming outlet, has done more for urban-oriented kids than all the stay-in-school-don’t-do-drugs lectures you can throw wasted breath at.

Collide-A-Scope festival highlights North Minneapolis arts by Ariah Fine, TC Daily Planet • “More then just having people come out to see shows, we want to build relationships,” says Corey Mills, one of the co-producers of Collide-A-Scope. Mills says the festival is a chance for neighbors across the metro area to get in touch with what’s going on in North Minneapolis. “There is a lot of good stuff happening here.”


GROUND ZERO | What Lies Beneath: The little depression that could by Rich Broderick • Ever have one of those moments when you are just dozing off and you dream that you are coming down a stairway and step into – empty space?

MN BLUE | The Overreach by Jeff Fecke • One thing that I’ve found interesting in the past week has been the zeal with which the McCain campaign has gone with the “lying to the American people” strategy. Whether it’s choosing to have Sarah Palin continue repeating the “Bridge to Nowhere” lie or John McCain running ads against Obama that are chock-ful-o-lies, the McCain camp decided last week to go all-in on the lying strategy, betting that the Obama campaign and, more important, the press wouldn’t call the bluff.

HISPANIC FANATIC | The Power of the Powerless by Daniel Cubias • In Europe during the Middle Ages, lepers and vagrants were often assumed to have nefarious supernatural powers. The thinking was that too much exposure to the riff-raff would cause your hands to fall off, or your baby to die, or your wife to go mad. And if the local burgermeister couldn’t get it up with his mistress-wench, it must have been because that withered crone who begs outside his door had placed a hex upon him.

EYETEETH | After being blasted by pepper spray, RNC protester not angry at Minneapolis cops by Paul Schmelzer • One of the more disturbing clips, of way too many, from the Republican National Convention, is this one showing Leah Lane being repeatedly blasted with pepperspray by Minneapolis police officers who knock her down with their bikes. Yesterday, Fox 9, which got the riveting original footage, talks to her — and finds that, unlike me, she’s not angry at the cops, although she does liken them — appropriately, in my experience — to schoolyard bullies.