Inside the Daily Planet, 9/16/08


Minnesota unions meet with focus on elections by Barb Kucera, Workday Minnesota
Union members from across the state, gathered for the biennial convention of the Minnesota AFL-CIO, are focused on one goal: electing worker-friendly candidates in the November elections.

Trail of Tears to Sandy Lake by Deborah Locke, Fond du Lac News
Sandy Lake burned a resolve into our people never to relinquish hunting, fishing and gathering traditions on ceded territories. Nation-wide, only the Ojibwe retained their traditions on ceded land.

African American teacher recalls racism in China by Jennifer Holder, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder
Karla Forrest’s sojourn in the Far East left her with enlightenment, disappointment


GROUND ZERO | Cry me a river: Time to move from protest to solidarity and beyond by Rich Broderick
• If there were any lingering doubts about whether the mainstream press, with a decreasing number of honorable exceptions, has ceased to operate as an independent source of news and information, you need look no further than the shameless “embedding” of journalists with the police during the Republican National Convention.

ARTS ORBIT | Trash Film Debauchery: Graduated and ready for the real world by Ian Power-Luetscher, Minnesota Daily • Minneapolis’s native B-film group Trash Film Debauchery will return after almost a year off the indie radar. The film group, which has gained pseudo-celebrity in the Twin Cities through its bizarre and hilarious cinema choices, will return with the so-bad-it’s-good action flick Samurai Cop.

FROM THE SOAPBOX | Crazymaking and politics by Tom Heuerman • Have you ever listened to someone talk persuasively and felt confused: suddenly up was down, right was wrong, and you felt the rug was pulled out from under your experience of life?

DOWNSTREAM | Snakemate—Part I by Emilio DeGrazia • The serpent’s power to charm is hardly a thing of the past. Teenage boys and their ilk perhaps suffer from serpent charm more than any other type.