Inside the Daily Planet, 9/12/07


Free Speech Group won’t talk about controversial bike rally by Michael Metzger, Downtown Journal The city’s work group focused on protecting free speech during next year’s Republican convention in the Twin Cities won’t be spending time Wednesday talking about the controversial Critical Mass bike rally that took place Downtown last month. Geek Squad founder named entrepreneur of the year by Kelly Gulbrandson, Minnesota Daily Alumnus Robert Stephens was honored at the Minnesota Cup awards last week. Educating the Ethiopian girl child Nelima Kerre, Mshale Minnesota organization taps Africans for participation. NEW IN VOICES Three A’s for a better school year by Joe Nathan, Special to the TC Daily Planet Looking for a few quick, cheap ways to help your youngsters have a better year in school? Here are three A’s that may be useful. NEW IN BLOGS From Detroit to Ontario by Louis Mendoza, A journey across our America