Inside the Daily Planet, 8/8/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY “We wanted lots of blood and guts and gore as much as you did …” by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
Comments are running as high as August temperatures this week. Douglas McGill’s article on the Oromo people of Ethiopia triggered lots of comments, ranging from “Genuine integrity to the truth” to “rubbish eyegougeing lie.”

Food and Restaurants

Naked Bones at the Brickhouse BBQ by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
As I get older and balder, I have come to appreciate the t-shirt legend that proclaims, “Only a few heads are perfect – the rest are covered with hair.” Something similar is true of barbecued ribs – the best way to serve mediocre ribs is smothered in sauce – but to serve ribs naked, they have to be done just about perfectly.

Independent cafes don’t fear McCafe by Alex Ebert, Minnesota Daily
Philippa Clayton grasped a pitcher of milk, frothed and steamed it to 140 degrees, ground espresso and locked the mechanical arm into her Cimbali espresso machine, all while stirring chocolate syrup.

Two for the road
by Carla Waldemar, Southside Pride
This month, you’re getting two reviews for the price of one. Not my fault: It’s just that husband-and-wife Erin Ungerman and Hector Ruiz have been opening places faster than I can eat.


Gone relationship building… by Ellen Tveit, 8/5/08 • Tonight (August 5), people in thousands of communities around the United States will gather on the street with their neighbors. While some are raising questions about the compensation of the founder of National Night Out – and even rejecting the organizational name in protest – the idea behind the annual event is hard to quibble with: getting to know your neighbors can help reduce crime.

Wednesday Fringe recap
by Kate Hoff, Full Frontal Fringe

Trying Guilt
My War: From Bismarck to Britain and Back
Roofies in the Mochaccino
Sun Tzu’s The Art of War
by Phillip Andrew Bennett Low, Womb With a View