Inside the Daily Planet, 8/7/07


Phillips-area nonprofit provides sports, mentoring for youth by Jamal Denman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder The East Phillips Park Sports Association provides team sports for youth. Hiawatha beach closed and re-opened by Dennis Geisinger, Southside Pride Elevated E. coli levels blamed on animal waste. Artist housing moves forward on Jackson Street. by Gail Olson, Northeast News Affordable housing and studio space planned for Minneapolis condo project. NEW IN VOICES Blaming and Gaming the Blame Game by Eric Black, Minnesota Monitor For obvious reasons and in roughly 100 percent of cases, the party that truly doesn’t want something politicized is the party that expects to lose politically by said politicization. This time, ‘those people’ are us by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
Those people have their hands out again. NEW IN BLOGS On taking the bridge collapse personally by James Clay Fuller, Rants & Ruminations / I know just who Hillary Clinton is by Stephen B. Young, The Fifth Column