Inside the Daily Planet, 8/31/07


FOOD AND RESTAURANTS Harry’s brings fine-dining flair to American classics by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge As head chef at the new Harry’s Food and Cocktails, Steven Brown wants to democratize haute cuisine, to bring his gourmet sensibilities to the people — and as often as possible. Setting splendid tables for 30 years in Milton Square by Dave Healy, Park BugleHow do you start a restaurant that’s going to last for 30 years? If you’re Pete Mihajlov and Phil Roberts, you do it by accident. Make Your Own Seltzer, Save the Planet by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake: Breaking Bread If you drink a lot of pop or bottled water, then recent news reports have given you one more thing to feel guilty about. You have probably read about how producing all those plastic bottles requires millions of gallons of oil every year and that most of those plastic bottles wind up as landfill. NEW IN VOICES Leadership is more than just showing up by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020 Crises define leadership. NEW IN BLOGS Sunshine by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions