Inside the Daily Planet, 8/3/07


New York Minnesota: Do You Have to Leave to Succeed? by Alex Starace, MN Artists A survey of a few photographers from the extremely vivid photo scene in Minnesota who have ‘made it.’ Now that they’re a success, inquiring minds want to know: Are they going to move to New York? Capturing old and new in St. Anthony Park by Michelle Christianson, Park Bugle James O’Neal was inspired by Gordon Parks to make photography his profession. NEW IN BLOGS Limbaugh on Darfur: Racism on Steroids by Abdi Aynte, Abdi’s Blog NEW IN VOICES Critical Mass arrests were political by Michelle Gross, Communities United Against Police Brutality The police action against Critical Mass was calculated to chill the free speech rights of those planning protests against the Republican National Convention. Labor Day 2007 and 1930s Memories by Richard Lee Dechert, Special to the TC Daily Planet Public Service Message for State Fairgoers: Beware of Dangerous Walking Patterns by Neil Cunningham, Special to the TC Daily Planet