Inside the Daily Planet, 8/28/07


Kramer Sees Good Will for MinnPost, but ‘We’ll Have to Deliver’ by Paul Schmelzer, Minnesota Monitor Former Strib publisher Joel Kramer has signed on 25 journalists and editors for his new on-line project. Perspectives vary wildly on the state of Black men in America by Charles Hallman, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder PBS’s Washington Week host and managing editor Gwen Hill posed that question at an August 10 panel discussion titled ‘What Does It Mean to be a Black Man?’ Bringing some cheer to the dismal science by Judy Woodward, Park Bugle When economist and self-confessed dumpster diver Ed Lotterman spotted the giant vise resting unceremoniously amid the trash at a local college, his “inner scavenger” switched into overdrive. NEW IN VOICES We’ve been dancing too long by Mac Walton, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder Conclusion of a series NEW IN BLOGS Security
by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions