Inside the Daily Planet, 8/26/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Call and Answer by Robert Bly in a video by Mike Hazard
CALL AND ANSWER is a poem by Robert Bly in a video by Media Mike Hazard.

Michele Bachmann would “welcome” a new nuclear power plant in the 6th CD by Karl Bremer, Minnesota Independent
First it was the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann claimed was the “most perfect place on the planet to drill” for oil. Now, the overnight energy expert has declared that she would “welcome” another nuclear power plant in the 6th Congressional District—and specifically in her own backyard.

Truth commissions, ‘Poor People’s March’ to shine light on poverty by Deborah Rosenstein, Workday Minnesota
On the heels of a statewide bus tour which exposed the reality of Minnesotans living in poverty, the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign will hold truth commissions in Minneapolis leading up to the Republican National Convention.

VOICES | Dazed & Confused at Farmfest by Brian DeVore, Land Stewardship Project
Late last Tuesday afternoon I and around a dozen crop farmers emerged from the air-conditioned confines of the “Biofuture” trailer. Like abductees departing an alien mothership, we blinked in the bright hot light of a southwest Minnesota August. I looked around to get reacquainted with my surroundings: big tires, bigger iron, seed plots, debating politicians, a helicopter buzzing overhead. Oh, that’s right, I’m in the midst of the 2008 Farmfest, the state’s largest agricultural gathering.


The unofficial visitor’s guide to the RNC: Part One by Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
Today’s Monday, August 28, the first day of the Democratic National Convention. But just a week from today, the other party descends on St. Paul for the Republican National Convention. As a service to my non-Minnesotan friends, I’m offering up this unofficial guide to the RNC and the Twin Cities. Enjoy!

At the intersection of folk art and politics by Mary Turck, Minnesota State Fair
Though Lillian Colton, the mother of seed art, died last year at the age of 95, seed art continues strong at the Fair. Her family graciously allowed the continued exhibition of some of her classic portraits. But, as with any art form, the genre keeps on growing.

Biology (and culture) in action by Daniel Cubias, 8/23/08 • I’ve been on this kick lately about the importance of children in Hispanic culture. I’ll complete my trilogy of rants on this subject (for now) by pointing out that while the overall national rate of teen pregnancy has declined, it has actually increased among adolescent Latinas.