Inside the Daily Planet, 8/23/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | The complete cost of housing: Your mortgage plus your gas tank by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
Access to the American Dream has always been the great promise of suburban development. By settling in the outer reaches of the metro area (this once meant Como Park, then Roseville, now Hugo), a family can own a relatively sprawling lawn and a relatively sizable house for a lot less than the same setup would cost on, say, Summit Hill or Lowry Hill. But there has always been a hidden cost to suburban living: transportation. The Chicago-based Center for Neighborhood Technology (CNT) has created a new set of maps that visually illustrate how recent years’ rising fuel prices have affected the cost of living—and how suburbanites are feeling the worst pain.

St. Paul Police union on RNC security planning: ‘The ball was dropped’ by Paul Demko. Minnesota Independent
Less than two weeks before the opening of the Republican National Convention, significant questions remain about the preparedness of the St. Paul Police Department to oversee security efforts. For weeks the law-enforcement agency has been scrambling to cobble together enough officers to work the event, with out-of-state departments the latest to be tapped.

El día de los inmigrantes by Rachel Dykoski, TC Daily Planet
Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network plans “El Dia de los Immigrantes” festival on Sunday, August 24th at Holy Rosary Catholic Church, 2424 18th Avenue South, Minneapolis. MIFN’s festival follows the church’s 11:30 a.m. Spanish mass.


BLOG | If we were all Lego guys by Jay Gabler, Arts Orbit
Yes, that is the cast of The Royal Tenenbaums portrayed as Lego figures. Cute, right? Of course, but not just cute—it’s art! Specifically, it’s the art of Plasticgod, an “internationally known Los Angeles resident” who styles himself “your 21st century Warhol.” A solo show by Plasticgod will be opening at the Soo Visual Arts Center on Labor Day.

BLOG | Leading by Teaching by Joe Nathan, School Talk
What happens when you have everything, and it doesn’t make you happy? Tom Bloch had a wonderful family, wealth, and health. He was CEO of his family’s tax preparation business, the nationally known H&R Bloch Company. But as he explains in a new book, Stand for the Best, he “ decided to follow a higher calling: teaching math to inner city kids.””

BLOG | RNC Welcoming Committee Leaks “Official” Host Committee Tour Video by RNC-WC, Politics from the Precincts
On April 1, 2008, anarchists broke into the RNC Host Committee office and stole a video tour guide meant for RNC delegates. It was handed over to the RNC Welcoming Committee.