Inside the Daily Planet, 8/22/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Can a Minnesota Republican be pro-choice? by Jay Gabler, TC Daily Planet
In Michele St. Martin’s opinion piece on Republicans and the abortion issue, she urges readers: “If you are pro-choice and identify with the Republican Party, I urge you to become involved. Your voice, your vote, and your activism are needed.” A pro-choice Republican commenter on the story is skeptical about the utility of that approach.

Smear-mongering author Jerome Corsi ripped off Minnesota investors by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Independent
Jerome Corsi made his career writing falsehoods about Sen. John Kerry four years ago on behalf of the Swift Boaters, and now he’s back for another round of attacks — this time against Sen. Barack Obama in Obama Nation, a book the media is calling “vicious innuendo,” “an abomination” and “filled with falsehoods” and wild theories.

Food and Restaurants

Vicky’s Place by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
If I hadn’t been surfing the web, I would never have run across the website of The Bush Chicken, the online magazine of Minnesota’s Liberian community, and then I also would never have heard of Vicky’s Place. The ad in the Bush Chicken looked promising, though – it promised fufu and soup, torborgee, attieke, fried rice and more.

Little Sushi on the Prairie by Nick and Natasha Laul, MSP Food Critics blog
Stumbling upon this restaurant was a pleasant surprise – this is a great place for Sushi in the South-West Metro.


Weekend what’s what 8/21-8/24: Flirtin’ weather by l’etoile magazine staff, Arts Orbit
Take advantage of the fleetingly bright sunny days and hot balmy nights to bare some skin and jazz things up! Stop by the Smitten Kitten’s birthday weekend kickoff party for a game of adult bingo on Thursday, or check out Tendercakes and Solid Gold at the Hexagon Bar for The Rift Magazine Release Party this Saturday! And while you’re there, make time to step outside and patrol the cuties that inevitably congregate on the Hex sidewalk. There’s still plenty of time for a sexy summer fling, and according to l‘étoile’s staff meteorologist, flirting conditions will be ideal.

The Roots by Daniel Cubias, Hispanic Fanatic
When I lived in New York City, I didn’t hang out in East Harlem or Washington Heights, the Hispanic areas of town. I was much more into Greenwich Village.

He lived in a hidden location, burning money all day by Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
Tell me once again, who’s the rich, elitist candidate?

Moorish Revival gem in disrepair by Todd Melby, Building Minnesota
Preservationists are fretting over the fate of the Bardwell-Ferrant House, a Moorish Revival house located at 2500 Portland Avenue South in Minneapolis. Two years ago, the 1883 house sold for $385,000 (minus about $7,700 in owner upgrades). Today, Countrywide Mortgage is trying to unload the foreclosed property for $229,900.