Inside the Daily Planet, 8/20/07


Legislators holding public hearing on new I-35W bridge by Sarah McKenzie, Downtown Journal Minneapolis legislators Scott Dibble and Frank Hornstein are holding a public hearing at the Central Library next Wednesday, Aug. 22, on the new I-35W bridge. Hospitality House steers youth toward positive futures by Vickie Evans-Nash, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder North Minneapolis nonprofit grounds programs in faith NE library’s architects want teen/resident advice on redesign by Gail Olson, The Northeaster At 34 years old, the Northeast Library is ready for a facelift. NEW IN VOICES The outsider by Joanne M. Smallen, Minnesota Women’s Press What Joanne M. Smallen learned from an outsider / Lead paint Democrats by Jason Stahl, Minnesota Daily The problem with Sen. Amy Klobuchar and others. NEW IN BLOGS A successful sting by Timmy Do-right by James Clay Fuller, Rants & Ruminations