Inside the Daily Planet, 8/18/07


Activists pledge not to shop Wal-Mart for school supplies by Michael Moore, St. Paul Union Advocate Rallying outside the Midway Wal-Mart in St. Paul, labor and community activists joined students and teachers in calling on American families to do their back-to-school shopping elsewhere this year. Oromo diaspora flocks state capitol to protest Ethiopia-U.S. alliance by Abdiaziz Ahmed, Mshale Newspaper The United States should stop supporting the Ethiopian government’s aggression against its opposition if there is to be peace in the Horn of Africa region, an official of the Oromo Liberation Front said. NEW IN VOICES The Galahads Rescue Wall Street; Cheers; Now What About Its Victims? by Jim Klobuchar, Jim Klobuchar Writes NEW IN BLOGS Travels from Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota by Louis Mendoza, A Journey Across Our America