Inside the Daily Planet, 8/15/07


Lowry Bridge closed 9 a.m.-3 p.m. this week Staff, The Northeaster Lowry Bridge closed during non-rush hours this week NLRB administrative law judge vindicates ‘Rochester 19’ Staff, Workday Minnesota An NLRB Administrative Law Judge has ruled in favor of the Rochester Holiday Inn Express workers who were fired a few days before Christmas 2006. Keeping the wheels turning at Newgate by Jc Drobac, Park Bugle Newgate’s St. Paul roots still support school. NEW IN VOICES A vote Mark and Gil would be proud of by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor Barbie battles by Tami Mohamed Brown, Minnesota Women’s Press As the mom of a young daughter, Tami Mohamed Brown has learned which battles to pick. NEW IN BLOGS When news and propaganda merge by James Clay Fuller, Rants & Ruminations / Guthrie Theater: Love it or Hate it? by Todd Melby, Building Minnesota