Inside the Daily Planet, 8/12/07


Readers, Writers and Books Finds from the shelves by Glenda Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press Glenda Martin picks from the Women’s Press’ bookshelves Casa de Esperanza and the children by Marco Fernández Landoni, La Prensa de Minnesota Elena and the Magic Beans is more than a children’s book. Food Fight The Citizen’s Guide to a Food and Farm Bill by Brian Devore, Land Stewardship Project The food industry spends $15 billion per year marketing to children. The Federal School Lunch Program spends only $7 billion feeding school children. NEW IN BLOGS A Northside Challenger? by Craig Cox, Ballot Box / Left foot out the driver’s side window by Jay Kelly, The Head Fake NEW IN VOICES Bridges to somewhere Staff, Minnesota Daily The bridge collapse provides an opportunity to examine our nation’s infrastructure.