Inside the Daily Planet, 8/11/08


Not only the Beltway and Big Apple types, but even Minnesota pols are dissing St. Paul.

You’d think the governor would remember where to find the state’s capitol. Not so. The Guv told conservative talk show host Glenn Beck, “When you come to Minneapolis for the convention …”

Get to NOMI Home Buyers Tours by Michael Pristash and Joel Breeggemann, Camden Community News
Over the past few months, Northside residents have become far too familiar with the appearance of ‘For Sale,’ ‘For Rent,’ and boarded-up or foreclosed properties. Recently, a group of Northside residents took it upon themselves to do something pro-active to promote home ownership and pride in the neighborhoods of North Minneapolis (NOMI). A subgroup of the GLBT Northsiders, an ever-growing group of nearly 140 individuals invested in NOMI, decided to make an opportunity out of the current housing climate.

Graffiti prevention and intergenerational art come together by Mary Ann Schoenberger, Uptown Neighborhood News
When people care about their neighborhood, they are less likely to put up graffiti and more likely to help prevent it. With that in mind, the City of Minneapolis created micro grants for innovative projects designed to assist with graffiti eradication and prevention efforts. As one of the grant recipients, Southwest Senior Center is combining graffiti prevention with a large intergenerational art opportunity. The community mosaic mural project will bring together over 100 people of all ages who will work to design and build a 100 square foot mosaic mural that will grace the parking lot wall of the Center. The Center is partnering with students at Barton Open School, EHFNA, and CARAG to bring many people into the project. We are hopeful that everyone who takes part in the project will feel a sense of pride about the exterior of our building and those in the surrounding area.


BLOG Eagles Nests: Alexander Solzhenitsyn and “The Last Empire in The World” by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero
My family and I left for a friend’s cabin outside Grand Rapids the day after Alexander Solzhenitsyn died.

BLOG All Around the Neighborhood: Keeping it Local. Keeping it Real by Maria McNamara, By the People
One afternoon back in May, I ducked into Jerabek’s New Bohemian coffee house to grab a quick sandwich. Jerabek’s is a 102-year-old West Side institution; a “third place” where the business of the neighborhood gets conducted over kolaches and decent, reasonably priced coffee.

BLOG Square Lake Film and Music Festival by Paul Clark, Arts Orbit

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