Inside the Daily Planet, 8/10/07


FOOD AND RESTAURANTS The future of manoomin by David Rubenstein, Fond du Lac News / Chindian Cafe by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake / Sample Circuit by Anne Nicolai, Night and Day NEW IN VOICES School Finance: The ‘Minnesota Embarrassment’ by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020 For 20 years, lawmakers have been strangling Minnesota’s education budgets, forcing school officials to beg taxpayers to raise their own taxes. Bridge Collapses in the Media by Jeff Nygaard, Nygaard Notes How did the media do in reporting on the 35W bridge collapse? America falling down by Tom McNamara, Minnesota Daily The United States’ infrastructure is slowly coming apart. Still, the government does not spend adequate funds to insure the ground on which Americans stand is secure. NEW IN BLOGS The Rybak Factor by Craig Cox, Ballot Box Cost of Living by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions