Inside the Daily Planet, 7/31/07


FRINGE FESTIVAL: Northeast venue, playwright join the Fringe Festival by Melissa Slachetka, Northeast Beat Fringe Festival runs August 2-12. Booth Brown House anticipates expansion by Antonie Young, Park Bugle Shelter for adolescent girls needs more space. E-Waste disposal rules change by Suzanne Pekow, KFAI A new law went into effect this month that encourages Minnesotans to think more responsibly about recycling electronics. NEW IN VOICES Life online by Ka Vang, Minnesota Women’s Press Ka Vang’s life online with Web 2.0. / JOBS NOW report shows how far Minnesotans’ wages go by Michael Moore, St. Paul Union Advocate/Workday Minnesota The state’s minimum wage – even if increased to $7.75 per hour – is not nearly enough to support a single adult, let alone a family.