Inside the Daily Planet, 7/27/07


Portrait of the Artist as a Young Woman by Erin Wisness, Special to the TC Daily Planet New exhibit features founding Minnesota women artists. FOOD AND RESTAURANTS Totino’s customers get ravioli reprieve By John O’Brien, The Bridge Central Avenue stalwart delays closing. Big Daddy is back! By Jeremy Iggers, The Rake: Breaking Bread Japanese Foods That Heal…a guide to healthful eating By Phyllis Louise Harris, Asian Pages Locally grown, year-round By Jeremy Iggers, The Rake: Breaking Bread NEW IN VOICES Does the Pawlenty for Veep idea ‘border on delusional?’ By Eric Black, Minnesota Monitor Did he have a chance before the McCain campaign folded? And does he have a chance now? / What will it take for Black men to heal? – Part 5 in a Series By Mac Walton, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder High unemployment (and underemployment) leads to financial poverty. / My dad, Floyd B. Olson, and the 1951 Minneapolis school janitors strike By Elizabeth Faue, Minneapolis Labor Review