Inside the Daily Planet, 7/20/07


THIS WEEKENDRondo Days and Highland Fest! FOOD AND RESTAURANTS Poutine Update, Cheap Beer and More by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread / First Yvette, then Sophia, now Picosa…a ‘nuevo Latino’ bistro joins the roster on the river by Anne Nicolai, Night and Day / Happy Gnome Food-Forward Bar Serves Top-Notch Meals by Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, The Mix / Sunnyside’s ‘Basquais’ by Al McFarlane and B.P. Ford, Insight News NEW IN VOICES MAD DAD volunteers increase safety on public bus by Dwight Hobbes, Insight News / Overcoming obstacles to get to where i am today by Salma Hussein NEW IN BLOGS Post-Autistic Economics by Eleanor Arnason, Facts and Fictions