Inside the Daily Planet, 7/19/07


Coming this weekend: St. Paul’s 24th Annual Rondo Days! VIEWS AND REVIEWS ‘La Vie en Rose,’ a movie about passion by M. Jay Shahidi. / Javier Trejo: versatile virtuoso plays, sings, writes by Dwight Hobbes. / Get plastered: art of music promotion by Sara Nicole Miller. / Lojo Russo at the Ritual by Stephen Brunia-Brown. / Koko Taylor: Fiery, legendary staple of American music by Dwight Hobbes. / ‘All Shook Up’ over U worker’s tribute to Elvis by Jake Grovum. NEW IN BLOGS Campaign brewing inside City Hall by Craig Cox, The Ballot Box / Redding, CA, (aka Hotel California) by Louis Mendoza, A Journey Across Our America / Birmingham Sunday 2007 by Mary Turck, Keeping the Faith