Inside the Daily Planet, 7/12/07


VIEWS AND REVIEWS See the Aquatennial in Minneapolis July 13-22. Next Wednesday, July 18 – Salon Artisimo at Patrick’s Cabaret. Penumbra extends powerhouse production of ‘Get Ready’ The electric chemistry is palpable. Kymara and Shannon shine Kymara, fronted by singer-songsmith Shannon, has got hot in considerably short order. New Primitives: The Elvis Presley Syndrome Afro-Cuban rock at the Cabooze ‘Mix-Up,’ mess-up, same thing Beastie Boys new album Modes of Disclosure Form + Content Gallery is all about diversity. NEW IN VOICES What will it take for Black men to heal? The roots of our problems by Mac Walton, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder / Religious Right Has it Wrong on Employment Discrimination by Andy Birkey, Minnesota Monitor NEW IN BLOGS The ‘liberal media’ shibboleth redux – Part I by James Clay Fuller, Rants & Ruminations