Inside the Daily Planet, 6/22/07


Happy summer solstice. Did you get hit with any severe weather? Storms just flirted with Northeast Minneapolis. Here’s a cool time lapse of thunderhead clouds around sunset, with bonus secret messages from MN Stories. FOOD AND RESTAURANTS Coffee shop ‘campers’ steam up some local business higher-ups, according to the Minnesota Daily. Anne Nicolai visits Chambers, Solera, Manhattan’s and Bank Asian Pages tells how to make Bo Xa Lui Nuong: The Vietnamese Barbeque for Fussy Eaters. NEW IN BLOGS Sheltering by Rosemary Ruffenach / RexSpeak: Fimoculous’ Sorgatz on community journalism and keeping a ‘small media mentality’ by Paul Schmelzer. NEW IN VOICES The body electric: Electroshock therapy by Ann Bauer. / Governor, legislative leaders, need to call special session to ‘get the job done’ by Bill McCarthy.