Inside the Daily Planet, 12/5/07


INSIDE THE DAILY PLANET Neighbors consider Hampden Park plans by Dave Healy, The Park Bugle What is a park for? Teamsters, DFL keep up pressure to fund roads, bridges by Steve Share, Minneapolis Labor Review On the eve of a state budget forecast expected to bring bad news, Teamsters Local 120 representatives stood shoulder to shoulder with DFL leaders to call on Governor Tim Pawlenty to support investments in transportation and jobs. Through three eras of adversity and diversity, New Ulm becomes a model for towns in transition by Joseph A. Amato, Minnesota 2020 Editor’s Note: Successful communities all across Greater Minnesota, and, indeed, all of rural America, can usually point to a few fortuitous events that secured their stability or nurtured their growth. New Ulm has seized its opportunities, but in the end, the people of New Ulm have succeeded on their own will and strength. NEW IN VOICES My Minnesota: opportunities for long-term care by Steve Larson, Minnesota 2020 Thank you for your article on long term care in October. In addition to looking how we are providing community based services for the elderly we need to have a thorough public policy discussion about services for persons with disabilities. NEW IN BLOGS The Island of Lead-based Toys by Jay Kelly, The Head Fake