Inside the Daily Planet, 12/28/07


Food and Restaurants Where to dine on New Year’s Eve – Part I by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The Rake Monday night is cheap date night at the Bryant Lake Bowl – two soups or salads, two entrees, a bottle of wine, and two lines of bowling for $28. And since New Years Eve happens to fall on a Monday, they are offering a Not So Cheap Date Night – the same deal for $32, but with better than usual entrees and wine, and tablecloths on the table.

Bagu Sushi – not your ordinary neighborhood restaurant by Phyllis Louise Harris, Asian Pages To call Bagu Sushi a neighborhood sushi restaurant is partially accurate for it does offer a good variety of sushi and sashimi in a residential area. But, Bagu also has a selection of Thai and Korean dishes that are out of the ordinary and its approach is purely international.

Cave Vin: moules frites and mellow jazz by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake So, the first thing Carol says when we are seated at our table at Cave Vin, is, ‘why would anybody want to eat at Salut, when they could dine here?’

NEW IN BLOGS From grammar to accuracy by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet ‘Do you put a disclaimer on your articles to identify the ones written by citizen journalists?’ I’m sure the questioner didn’t mean to sound insulting. She really believed that there is a huge gap between ‘real’ journalists and citizen journalists, and that ‘real’ journalists are much more trustworthy. Similar criticisms distinguish between bloggers and ‘real news.’ Many people are confused about where the lines are drawn, who to trust, and where the TC Daily Planet fits in all of this.