Inside the Daily Planet, 12/25/2007



“Navidad lejos de casa: Christmas away from home”:
by Teresa Ortiz, TC Daily Planet
‘In Mexico, when I was with my parents and my children, we had wonderful Christmas. Even when we didn’t have much to eat –just beans and vegetables; even when we didn’t have money for buying gifts. We had parties with our neighbors. They’d bring tostadas, atole and tamales. We had a nativity scene. Somebody was elected to be the Godparent of Baby Jesus. We prayed the rosary. It was fabulous. Here it is different. Here I feel cold, not because of the cold weather, but because when you are away from family, there is no warmth.’

“Merry Christmas”:
by Jeff Fecke, Minnesota Monitor
Merry Christmas! Today marks Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas Day, when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, while many non-Christians mark the day with family and friends. We at Minnesota Monitor wish you and yours the best this holiday season, and we’d like to do so by sharing a few Christmas facts.

“Mortgage crisis hits home for working families”:
by Michael Moore, Union Advocate editor
By the time Audrey Buchite finished recounting her family’s financial fall to the brink of losing their Zimmerman home, you could hear a pin drop in Sen. Norm Coleman’s public forum on the mortgage and foreclosure crisis.


“Julie Chu named assistant coach at UMD”:
by Tom LaVenture, Asian American Press
The Asian community of Minnesota has a lot to be proud of, and can now say that it is home to the nation’s best female hockey player. Julie Chu, the best American-born collegiate woman hockey player in the country for 2006-07, is now an Assistant Coach in Women’s Hockey at the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

“Local real estate troubles are ‘still early on in the game'”:
by Steve Perry, Daily Mole
To get a handle on the deluge of real estate horror stories choking the news wire every day, we phoned local mortgage banker and Behind the Mortgage blogger Alex Stenback with a couple of basic questions: How’s the local housing market faring compared to those in other US metro areas? And how much further does he think the slide will go?


“The passing of the greatest generation”:
by Tom Heuerman, Ph.D, TC Daily Planet
The death of one man symbolizes the passing of what Tom Brokaw called ‘the greatest generation.’


“Waiting for an angelic visit”:
by Rosemary Ruffenach, Rosemary Writes