Inside the Daily Planet, 12/25/2007



Julie Chu named assistant coach at UMD
by Tom LaVenture, Asian American Press
The Asian community of Minnesota has a lot to be proud of, and can now say that it is home to the nation’s best female hockey player. Julie Chu, the best American-born collegiate woman hockey player in the country for 2006-07, is now an Assistant Coach in Women’s Hockey at the University of Minnesota – Duluth.

Local real estate troubles are ‘still early on in the game’
by Steve Perry, Daily Mole
To get a handle on the deluge of real estate horror stories choking the news wire every day, we phoned local mortgage banker and Behind the Mortgage blogger Alex Stenback with a couple of basic questions: How’s the local housing market faring compared to those in other US metro areas? And how much further does he think the slide will go?


The passing of the greatest generation
by Tom Heuerman, Ph.D, TC Daily Planet
The death of one man symbolizes the passing of what Tom Brokaw called ‘the greatest generation.’


Waiting for an angelic visit
by Rosemary Ruffenach, Rosemary Writes

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