Inside the Daily Planet, 12/23/07


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Book note: Children laboring ‘Before Their Time’ by Peter Rachleff, TC Daily Planet Most of us would like to think that child labor, if it exists at all, is merely a vestige of an older economic era, relegated to the margins of the modern economy, lurking in the shadows of economic development and modernization. Surely a potent combination of human rights talk, automation and technological change, the information economy, and 21st century globalization has pushed child labor into the dustbin of history. Surely…

2008 MLK Holiday Celebration Essay/Poster Contest Staff, Insight News We are inviting students in grades 3 through 6 and 7 through 12 to participate in our efforts to keep Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s. Legacy alive by encouraging them to participate in this year’s essay/poster contest. All submissions need to be received no later than January 10, 2008. Contest winners and their families are encouraged to attend the King Rally/Celebration at both Central High School (where participants will be recognized) and Concordia University’s Ganglehoff Auditorium, where finalists and winners will be announced. Winners will be awarded significant prizes, as their work helps contribute greatly to our community’s understanding of Dr. King. This year’s Celebration theme is ‘Education: Every Mind A Treasure to be Tapped’ – an examination of the extent to which the communities of color, have achieved this goal.

NEW IN VOICES St. Cloud panics again by Myrle B Cooper, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder Wouldn’t an honest attack on racism be a healthier response?

NEW IN BLOGS Winter by Eleanor Arnason, Facts & Fictions