Inside the Daily Planet, 12/21/07



Food and restaurants

Giorgio’s at Midlife
by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The Rake
The first thing we see when we set foot inside Giorgo’s on Hennepin – for the first time in years – is a blackboard offering a free bottle of wine to any table that spends at least $30. It’s billed as a celebration of the restaurant’s 17 years in business, and with it is a flyer showing owner Giorgio Cherubini as he looked 17 years ago – or maybe more like 30 years ago. In the photo, he looks a little like Fabio, studly with long dark hair, but the caption is what captures Carol’s attention: it says, “Ahh…to be young and free again…” – and the word free is underlined. “Is Giorgio in an unhappy marriage?” my wife wonders.

Food and drink around Bridgeland
by Chris Steller and Liz Riggs, The Bridge
Holiday spirits: from winter ales to New Year’s bubbly, ’tis the season.


‘Stop…you’re under arrest for treason!’
by Myles Spicer, TC Daily Planet
So, you are in the airport, on your way to a nice sunny overseas vacation, when a Security Officer, examining your Passport picks up the phone, and a detail of police take you out of line and into a small sparsely furnished room for questioning. Though you are an American citizen, what may be facing you is indefinite confinement, no opportunity to call a lawyer, no opportunity to confront those who are accusing you, and loss of many other rights guaranteed by our Constitution.