Inside the Daily Planet, 12/18/07


Investigation uncovers marriage fraud ring by Wameng Moua, Hmong Today Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials have uncovered a marriage fraud ring operated out of Minnesota involving Hmong-Americans and Chinese nationals.

Local writers picket for fair share of ‘new media’ profits by Michael Moore, Workday Minnesota As the Writers Guild of America’s nationwide strike entered its second month, a dozen Twin Cities-based members of the union picketed in solidarity outside the busy Uptown Theatre in Minneapolis last Saturday night.

Tuan Joseph Pham wins defamation suit appeal by Staff, Asian American Press The Minnesota Supreme Court refused to hear an appeals case brought by seven St. Paul defendants who the lower courts agreed defamed Tuan J. Pham, his wife Mai Vu and their former St. Paul grocery, Capital Market, who won the initial case and the appeal in 2006. The latest legal action, announced on November 19, 2007, and released last week by Pham’s defense, brings to an end a bitterly divisive issue that has wounded the Vietnamese American community across the country with the flag and values of the Republic at the heart of the issue.

NEW IN VOICES Lifelong learning: new strategies for the education of working adults by Brian Bosworth-Center for American Progress, Minnesota 2020 The United States has long relied on rising educational attainment in a rapidly growing labor force to help propel our economic growth. Over the last four decades of the 20th century in particular, steady increases in the education level of our labor force contributed very significantly to steady productivity gains, sustained economic growth, and formidable national competitiveness in an increasingly global economy. All those gains are today under threat because of a complex mix of factors that boil down to a single reality-the American workforce is steadily becoming less educated just when better and more diverse educational opportunities are essential for our labor force to maintain its justifiably famous productivity, flexibility and ingenuity.

NEW IN BLOGS Culture Clash by Nasra Omar, TC Daily Planet