Inside the Daily Planet, 12/16/07


Readers, Writers and Books

‘My heart it is delicious’ by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press Book tells stories of refugees and cross-cultural health care

Out of Bounds: MCBA’s Winter Book offers a few surprises Minneapolis Observer Quarterly On December 8, the Minnesota Center for Book Arts (MCBA) celebrated the publication of their 19th Winter Book. Each year since 1988, they’ve been publishing a beautiful letterpress-printed, classically designed, hand-bound book, calling each the Winter Book and inviting local literary luminaries such as Patricia Hampl, Bill Holm, Louis Jenkins and many other artists and writers, plus bibliophile volunteers, to contribute to the project. It has always been a collaborative creative project, but this year’s edition takes the idea of collaborative creativity to a whole new level. You might even say it turns the Winter Book tradition completely on its head.

Twin Cities by trolley by Craig Cox, Minneapolis Observer Quarterly The streetcar system was once a national model. This new book shows and tells of the glory days gone by.

NEW IN VOICES Vote for corporate ‘Grinch of the Year’ Workday Minnesota Who is the greediest and grouchiest corporate Grinch who has inflicted the most harm on workers and working families in 2007? You can decide as part of Jobs with Justice’s seventh annual Grinch of the Year contest.