Inside the Daily Planet, 12/15/07


Local green economy by Emily Dussault, KFAI Audio report: According to a recent study, Minnesota stands to gain a significant boost in its economy if Congress passes an energy bill making this possible.

Family of N. Mpls shooting victim stay strong through aftermath by Raymond Jackson, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder Vernice Hall struggles to recover as her kin hold on to hope

And another take on the Minneapolis police lawsuit:Cops sue Chief Dolan, Minneapolis by Al McFarlane and B.P. Ford, Insight News Calling himself a Minnesota Racial Discrimination Lawyer, Attorney John Klassen says point blank: The purpose of my law firm is to advocate on behalf of and protect employees who have been victimized by their employers.

NEW IN VOICES Sorry, Charlie by John Van Hecke, Minnesota 2020 Minnesota’s business community is deeply concerned with Minnesota’s educational quality. Since worker preparedness strongly correlates with education, flat and sliding student performance suggests that Minnesota’s future workforce will be unable to staff industry’s innovation and fleet-footed growth.