Inside the Daily Planet, 11/9/07


Food and restaurants Nick and Eddie: The Mystery of Hipness by Jeremy Iggers, Breaking Bread/The Rake I just can’t figure it out. Doug Anderson’s new restaurant, Nick and Eddie, manages to radiate hipness – even uber-hipness, but I can’t put my finger on just what does it. It isn’t actually Doug’s restaurant – officially, he’s the head waiter. Seems that there were some financial issues that Doug isn’t at liberty to discuss, that led to the abrupt closing of his last venture, A Rebours, so Doug’s wife Jessica, and the chef, Steve Vranian, are the owners of record. But Doug seems to be the creative force behind the new Loring Park café and bar. Jay’s Café, St. Anthony Park’s secret gem of fabulous food by Bruce Schneier and Karen Cooper, The Mix We chanced upon a gem of a café about a year ago, near Raymond and University, in the St. Anthony Park neighborhood. It’s the sort of place you want to keep secret since it’s fabulous, but the space is tiny and often full. But we’re good guys, and we’ll share what we know about the delightful Jay’s Café. I’m turning Japanese, I really think so… by Anne Nicolai, Night and Day Firefly coffee bistro coming soon by Mary Buhr, Corcoran Neighborhood News NEW IN VOICES Rock the boat, lose the vote: investing In the ‘right’ Democrats by Jeff Nygaard, Nygaard Notes A couple of presidential elections ago, in January of the year 2000, I wrote an article called ‘So… How About That Campaign?.’ In it I recounted the following anecdote: A leader of a Political Action Committee, or PAC, was on Minnesota Public Radio to respond to an accusation that money from groups like his has deformed and corrupted our political system.