Inside the Daily Planet, 11/5/07


Dwanyen to launch his candidacy to Lead the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM) by Staff, African News Journal Former president of the Liberian Association of Michigan in early 1980s, Kerper Dwanyen plans to run for the top leadership of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota. Dwanyen, who resides in Minnesota now, says his wealth of experience in personal and corporate financial planning, business financial planning, community development and so on will give him the edge over other candidates running for the OLM position. Student club keeps knitting to keep others warm by Andy Mannix, Minnesota Daily At the end of the ‘Students Today Leaders Forever’ community-service spring break trip earlier this year, Katheryn Hope was faced with a difficult question: What will you do next? 100 years of history at the Byzantine Catholic Church by Gail Olson, The Northeaster In 1907 about 18 young men, heads of their households and all under 30 years old, gathered to start a church in Northeast Minneapolis. Ethnic Rusins, they had emigrated from an east European region that includes parts of Poland, Ukraine, Rumania, Yugoslavia and Slovakia. NEW IN BLOGS Please weep for us, Argentina! by Rich Broderick, Ground Zero NEW IN VOICES Property Taxes: We’re all in the same boat by John Fitzgerald, Minnesota 2020 Gov. Pawlenty doesn’t pay his bills. School district levies will be decided on Tuesday, but a victory at the polls doesn’t mean the problem is solved. Schools will still be underfunded because Pawlenty and his ilk won’t find the money to fund them.